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Circular roof hood intended for outdoor air and extract air. The hood is designed for location above the roof with or without a roof through connection. The air runs both on the top- and downside of the hood. This is valid both for outdoor
and extract air. The hood is free-draining downwards.
Can also be supplied with a pest-proof mesh.
NOTE! When fans are not running there is always a risk for drifting snow and damp to penetrate into ducts. At some occasions also condensation can cause trouble.
H is manufactured as standard from galvanised steel sheet Z275, but is also available in aluminium zinc AZ 185, stainless acid-resistant steel 2343 or painted.
H in dimensions 100 – 315 has a sleeve connection as standard and fits on the outside of ventilation ducts.
Dimensions 400 – 1250 are supplied with flange connection (including counter-flange) as standard. They are also supplied with twistable lifting and anchoring eyelets. An individual anchoring eyelet must not be subjected to forces in
excess of 1 500 N.
All dimensions can also be obtained with connections that fit directly to the roof through connection TGR.