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Ventilation is a fundamental component in hospitals, crucial for maintaining a sterile and safe environment in both clean rooms and patient rooms. In clean rooms, effective ventilation is essential to control airborne contaminants, ensuring an aseptic environment for surgeries, sterile procedures, and pharmaceutical preparations. This minimizes the risk of infections and ensures the integrity of medical processes. In patient rooms, proper ventilation plays a vital role in providing clean air, reducing the transmission of airborne pathogens, and maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity levels. By regulating indoor air quality, ventilation systems help create a healthier environment for patients, staff, and visitors, ultimately supporting patient recovery and overall hospital hygiene standards.

Indoor air quality

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Air pollution is one of the biggest global environmental and health challenges of all time. In fact indoor air can be up to five times as polluted as outdoor air. This means that we are at higher risk of suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases if we stay in buildings with poor air quality. What’s worse is that children are even more sensitive.

Air tightness

Air tightness is key to energy reduction.
The major areas of energy consumption in buildings are heating, cooling and ventilation. An air tight ventilation system is key to lowering the energy consumption. Lindab is the first supplier in the world to offer ventilation ducts in the highest tightness class.

Variable Air Volume / VAV

For a ventilation system to provide a comfortable indoor climate, and at the same time be energy efficient, intelligence is required that can control the air flow based on how the room is used.


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Room types in hospital


For us, sustainability is a way of thinking and working. This affects how we work with Lindab's strategy in all areas. Everything from the purchases we make, to the deliveries and the service we offer our customers.

Lindab wants to contribute to a better climate and therefore certification of buildings is important to us. We offer high quality products that help build sustainable buildings with comfortable indoor climate to live and work in.


Here you can find a selection of reference objects to which we have delivered our products.