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Air movement

Air movement in industrial ventilation is vital for maintaining a safe and efficient working environment, and operational efficiency. Effective air circulation, facilitated by fans and proper air handling units, ensures the removal of pollutants, and delivery of fresh air throughout the facility. Properly designed air movement systems help prevent the buildup of hazardous substances, reduce the risk of airborne contaminants, and enhance worker comfort and productivity. Additionally, efficient air handling units optimize energy use, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. 

Industrial solutions - Fans

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Software - LindQST / Fans

LindQST helps you, among other things, to choose the right airborne and waterborne products, silencers and fire dampers, and quickly find the corresponding documentation. You can also use lindQST to find the optimal fan for you, or simply create your wiring diagram using the selected control equipment for Lindabs Pascal system for indoor climate controls.

Air handling units

Customised solutions for different industrial applications which require air handling units in explosion-proof versions. Flexibility and technical know-how allows adaptation to special demands, such as efficient extraction and filtration of dangerous gases or contaminated air.

Air handling units for different industries

Long experience in customised design and numerous references in industries such as the microelectronic, pharmaceutical, food, paper and nuclear industry allows us to fulfil specific technical demands. Besides basic air handling functions, units also provide removal of dust, gas, microorganisms and hazardous substances. On demand, air handling units can also be delivered in explosion proof version (ATEX).

Special solutions for niche industries

Paper industry

• AHU with advanced humidification

Food industry

• Dedicated AHU solutions for baking industries

• Ventilation of food production and storage


Ceiling heating also works well in premises where people sit to perform concentrated work, as well as in premises where people stand or move around. The ceiling height, in practise, has no importance; either upwards or downwards, for the provision of a warm climate in the occupied area. A big advantage of ceiling heating is that the heaters are "out of the way". The placement of furnishings, machinery and other equipment does not usually need to be taken into consideration, and the ceiling heating panels do not take up any space on the walls or the floor.