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Rectangular smoke control damper for smoke and heat evacuation systems for multi compartment. The blade and the body are made of calcium silicate board and the chemical design is class 4. In the event of a fire, the smoke and heat will be extracted throughout the smoke control system and this damper is designed to either open or close depending on the scenario to be able to extract the smoke and heat out of the building.

This damper is equipped with an actuator, either 24V or 230V and can be used as an automatic (AA) or manual activation (MA) damper. It is CE marked and certified according to EN12101-8, tested according to EN1366-10 and classified according to EN13501-4.

The damper is suitable for vertical and horizontal installation in multi compartment smoke duct evacuation systems according to EN1366-8 with smoke leakage class S at 1000Pa negative pressure.

Classifications (EN13501-4+A1) – SDR2-M

  • EI120 (hod, ved - i↔o)S 1000 Cmod AA Multi
    EI120 (hod, ved - i↔o)S 1000 Cmod MA Multi
  • EI120 (hod, vew - i↔o)S 1000 Cmod AA Multi
    EI90 (hod, vew - i↔o)S 1500 Cmod AA Multi
    EI90 (hod**, vew* - i↔o)S 1500 Cmod MA Multi*

* In practice dampers are not in the open position at the beginning of smoke threat.