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DBVTérfogatáram szabályozó befúvóhoz

DBV is a volume flow regulator used for VAV regulation of the supply air in a terminal duct for an active chilled beam. Also suitable together with eg. wall diffusers.

DBV is equipped with a unique linear cone damper technology, which makes it possible to regulate up to 200 Pa with low sound level. The minimum air flow k-value at closed position is 0,73 (7,3 l/s at Dpt = 100 Pa)).

The built-in VAV actuator is delivered pre-programmed with damper characteristic and in combination with a stable flow measurement over the damper, it makes the VAV regulation very accurate and reliable.

DBV can be installed directly in a terminal duct in front of the active chilled beam. DBV is not suited for exhaust air.

  • Unique linear cone damper
  • Low sound levels
  • Stable flow measurements
  • Reliable and accurate VAV regulation