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VRA is a rectangular VAV unit with combined regulatingdamper and airflow measurement in one unit, used for pressure independent volume flow regulation.
VRA is used for variable volume flow regulation, where the airflow varies between a defined minimum and maximum limit. The actual required airflow is determined by a ingoing control signal coming from either a room controller, BMS system or directly from a parallel connected volume flowregulator. VRA can also be used for constant volume flow with step control, e.g. controlled by a switch or clock.
VRA is available with actuators for different communication platforms, such as Belimo MP, KNX, Modbus and BACnet.

  • • Pressure independent
  • • Variable or constant airflow regulation
  • • Tightness class according to norm EN 1751 (table 4)
  • • Requires minimal initial pressure <20 Pa at Vnom
  • • Multiple communication platforms available