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FRUKör mérőkereszt

FRU is a measuring unit with a measuring cross used for measuring volume air flow rate in circular duct systems.

FRU is equipped with a regulator, providing an output signal that is proportional to the volume air flowrate. FRU can be used to monitor the actual airflow or can be used to control a volume flow regulator.
Regulators comes with either flow sensor (D3) for clean air or membrane sensor (M1) for contaminated air.

FRU is equipped with Lindab Safe in the front for connection to the duct and a female coupling in the back, and is ready for insulation up to 50 mm.
FRU can be installed in any position without requiring adjustment.

The FRU needs a certain distance of straight duct before the unit and this has to be observed to obtain a stable and accurate air flow regulation.

To avoid clogging of the measuring cross, it is recommended to use FRU only in applications with clean air, meaning free of dust, particles and similar.

  • Belimo MP, Modbus, BACnet & analogue 0(2)-10V.
  • Integrated NFC interface, compliable with Belimo Assistant App.